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Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life,
Polearm Templar
Elf Fury
Doomotaur the Doomsayer!! :P
Aelfborn Crusader (Nuke)
Human Confessor
Half Giant Barbarian....
Centaur Spear Huntress !
Tons of builds on this site.
Shadowbane Character Builder Guide
Want some Builds?
assassin build
huntress build
Nephilim Mage Warlock
Idea for a spec group
Need clarification
Horse Druid (pvp)
G&G Spec (flying)
G&G Spec (main)
Discipline Locations
**Read Me**
(Holy Spec) Dwarf Prelate
Vamp Necro
(spec) Dwarf Priest
Aelforn Bow Bard
Aracoix Theif
Shade Channy
Vamp Lock
PL / Farming Druid
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